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With FOR MOVIE RENTALS, you can boost your production value with functional Police Cars, Ambulance, Detective Units & Helicopters, accessorized Emergency Response, Military & Medical Uniforms, and all the gear, bell-and-whistle props & tools to bring authenticity to your project.

But our specialty is not our limit! FOR MOVIE RENTALS is Hollywood’s one-stop-rental house for general & classic picture cars and case-specific wardrobe! We provide producers the best value for your venue, with customizations, upgrades or downgrades to suit your needs, budget or urgency.

Local Delivery and Pick-up available in The Greater Los Angeles County!

We ship anywhere in the U.S. & Internationally.

For 13 Years, FOR MOVIE RENTALS has been contributing to the Entertainment Industry by offering customers a unique rental experience with a wide selection of products & services at an unbeatable value! From Indie to Feature Films, Commercials, Music Videos, Festivals & Events.

Call or email us today to see how we can help bring your project to life!

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Inquire about our products & services and a representative will be in touch shortly! 

Looking forward to working with you!

OR call David Hill directly 323-919-6544

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Looking for a specific LEA (Law Enforcement Agency), Make, Model, Year, Department, or Type of vehicle?

We will search far and wide with our extensive resources until we find the best match by your shoot date or event.

Made to order decals to fit your exact department, OR
select from our inventory.


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Our Props range from gun belts, badges, weapons or even medical equipment such as IV drips, stretchers & gurneys. If you are looking for something more specific please let us know so we can try our best to provide exactly what you need!



& we have capability to produce customized patches if needed!

  • Police, Sheriff

  • EMT

  • Fire

  • Security


  • Military

  • SWAT

  • Nurse, Doctor

  • Judge, Bailiff, Prisoner

  • Specialized Wardrob

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 8.37.50 AM.png

If needed, casting services can be provided via

HVT Casting

with experienced actors (SAG-AFTRA & non-union).

We do our best to find everything you need, whether it be gun belts, badges, weapons, or miscellaneous equipment, FOR MOVIE RENTALS prides itself on bringing your vision to life with property for rent at competitive rates! 

Discounts available for long-term rentals or packages of multiple items (I.E. Vehicles + Uniforms). 


Call David Hill directly 323-919-6544

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